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What is 'Stash'?

The term "my stash" or "a stash" refers to a cross stitcher's collection of kits, patterns, cottons, and anything else related to a possible cross stitch project. Cross stitchers love to do "stash building" at every opportunity. Most stitchers have a SABLE gene - Stash Acquistion Beyond Life Expectancy. I'm no exception! As a result, I'm on an austerity campaign. As of Thursday, 26th October, I've joined 'The 50 Challenge Project'.

For the project, the stitcher promises not to buy any new stash until s/he has done a number of projects. It can be 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 the number is up to the individual. One must use what one has in the current stash collection. If something is needed to finish a project off that is OK. Exchanges, or anything else done on a regular thing is not included; neither is getting free charts off the net. It does not just mean stitching it can be crochet, knitting ,or any other hobbie that one does.

Yeah, right! There are loop-holes. Phew! For a moment there I was worrying that there would be no more EBAY purchases for a while.

Back to stash ...

I always use DMC threads, often swapping a kit's thread collection with a match as close as possible to the original colours from the DMC range. I do this because I find that the DMC threads are far superior to the kit threads and because if I run out of thread then I can buy more locally instead of having to write to a US or UK distributor.

Works in Progress

The Rose Garden
Seasons of the Heart - Charles Wysocki adaptation
French Flower Shop - Fabrice de Villeneuvre
Almost Perfect
Teddy Wizard 1
Renaissance Lady 1 - Joan Elliott


Burdett, Dale, Borders, Borders, Borders Book Two, DB-118
Burdett, Dale. 101 Alphabets - Book One. DB-115 (circa. 1988)
Baby’s Room, Bay Books, Sydney, ISBN 1 862563802
Burdett, Dale. For Bunny Lovers. DB-114 (circa. 1988)
Country Keepers Burdett Publications DB-89 (1987)
Stoney Creek Collection: Love is the Music Book 78 (1990)
Chinnery, Vivienne, Australian Cross Stitch Designs. Kangaroo Press, Sydney, 1989.
Kooler, Donna: Cross-Stitch Designs, 333 Patterns for Ready-to-Stitch Projects Sterling
Leisure Arts Best 250 Christmas Quickies (Leaflet 2709) 1995.
Leisure Arts Best Teddy Bear Treasury (Leaflet 2994) 1997.
Souter, Gillian. Classic Storybook Cross Stitch, New Holland Publishers Pty Ltd, Sydney, 2000.


Couchman Creations: Map of Australia
Better Homes & Gardens: Map of Australia
Peach, t.: Map of Australia
Ellen Maurer-Stroh: Operation Teddy Bear 2000 – ‘Brown Bear & the Candlelight Express’
Gloria & Pat for DMC: Cherished Teddies
DMC Corporation freebie: ‘Blues’ New Orleans Jazz
Betty Morris Hamilton : ‘Best of Friends’ (Parts I & II) – Cross Stitcher Magazine 198x.
Julia Cairns (Dimensions): ‘Going to Market’
Doris Morgan: ‘Dear Santa’ from Leisure Arts Magazine (circa 1989)
‘Love & Friendship’ © 2000 Jeremiah Junction, Inc. (from Cross Stitcher - (USA)
‘Teddy & Me’ – Rebecca Lambein, Leisure Arts, USA 1999.
Lea Crawford – The Australian Coat of Arms – MIS004 (1999)
‘Home is where the cat is’ – Joan Elliot for Design Works. Leisure Arts #3124
‘Landmarks Around the World’ Stoney Creek Book 353.
‘All that Jazz’ Rhazz Fantasy Cross Stitch by Di Kaye.
‘Girls on Wheels’ True Colors Cross Stitch. BCL-10047.
‘Noah’s Ark’ by Maureen J. Irvin, True Colors Cross Stitch. T VLC-200007
‘Prayer for a Busy Day’ Leisure Arts 2000.
‘Baby’s Keepsakes’ by Terrie Lee Steinmeyer, Leisure Arts, 1987.
‘The Castle’ by Teresa Wentzler. Leisure Arts. 1999.
‘Petites Castle and Dragon’ Book One Teresa Wentzler. Leisure Arts. 1999.
‘Celestial Drago’ by Teresa Wentzler. Leisure Arts. 2001.


2007 Monthly Subscriptions: none of which I will renew!
Cross Stitcher (USA)
Cross Stitcher (Britain's Best)
World of Cross Stitching
Cross Stitch Crazy

Currently in the stash pile from yesteryear ...
Better Homes and Gardens Cross Stitch & Country Crafts – June 1992
Stoney Creek Collection: Life is a Song – 6k.60 (1989)
‘Cross Stitch Card Shop’ Issue 16 Origin Publishing. UK

Les Idées de Marianne – Noël – France (1998)
Marianne Enfants septembre 1998. – France
‘C’est Facile – le Point de Croix’ Annee 1· No.2· novembre 1998.
Publishing Company, New York, 2000.
Ouvrages Broderie – le complice de vos moments point de croix – janvier 1999. (French).
‘Celebrations in Cross Stitch’ Part 29, May 2000. UK
For the Love of Cross Stitch, Leisure Arts, July 1993.
Better Homes & Gardens Cross Stitch Christmas 1997.
Cross Country Stitching Dec 2000 USA

Jill Oxton’s ‘Simply the Best Cross Stitching’ ISSUE No. 41
Jill Oxton’s ‘Simply the Best Cross Stitching’ ISSUE No.39
Jill Oxton’s ‘Simply the Best Cross Stitching’ ISSUE No. 44
Jill Oxton’s ‘Simply the Best Cross Stitching’ ISSUE No.46
Jill Oxton’s ‘Simply the Best Cross Stitching’ ISSUE No.43
Jill Oxton’s ‘Simply the Best Cross Stitching’ ISSUE No.45
Jill Oxton’s ‘Simply the Best Cross Stitching’ ISSUE No.47
Best of Cross Stitcher Special Edition. (Autumn 2000) – UK
‘Cross Stitcher’ – special 25th anniversary edition No.110 – July 2001 Future Publishing.

‘Quick & Easy Cross Stitch’ Issue No. 68 (December 2000) – UK
‘Best of Cross Stitch Favourites’ DMC. Origin Publishing – UK - ?2006
Cross Stitch Favourites DMC Classic Collection – Special Issue – Origin Publishing 2002.
Cross Stitch Collection (February 2003) Future Publishing - UK


Underwater- D. Morgan
I Love Teddy - Nita Shower
Cuddle Blessing - Barbara Mock

Teddy Collector (gifted)

We Can All Twinkle (gifted)

Sleeping Baby Birth Record - Lucy Rigg (completed)

My Tastes are Simple - Lucy Rigg( (completed)

Friendly Welcome - Lucy Rigg( (completed)

This Mess Belongs To … - Lucy Rigg( (completed)

Sisters are Forever Friends - Lucy Rigg( (completed)

Do Not Disturb - Lucy Rigg ((completed)

I can't relax! - R.Michael Palan( (completed)
The James Younger Gang - Bryan Moon
French Flower Shop - Fabrice de Villeneuvre
Almost Perfect
Willowware - Linda Gillum
Shells Table Runner
Toys on a Shelf
Peaceable Kingdom Picture - Teresa Walsh (for sale)

Forget Me Not - Suzy Spafford (completed)

I've Got to Be Me - Suzy Spafford (completed)

Sharing is Caring - Suzy Spafford (completed)

You Make Me Happy - Suzy Spafford (completed)

Friends are Precious - Suzy Spafford (completed)

Friends are Precious - Suzy Spafford (completed)

Music - Gift of God (completed)
Seaside Designs

Love Birth Sampler - Sam Hawkins (completed)
Under the Jacaranda - Godfrey Rivers Painting

Disney Babies (completed)
Winnie Alphabet Birth Sampler Designer Stitches (for sale)

Pooh's Seasons finished - 20th October 2006
Hot Air Balloon - Designer Stitches (for sale)
Classroom Teddies - Fiona Jude
Big Ben
Chloé joue du Piano
Adjust - Joan Elliot

Wattle Babies - May Gibbs (completed)

Flannel Babies - May Gibbs (completed)
Birth Sampler - May Gibbs
Keep Calm at All Times (Newton)
The Future's So Bright (Newton)
Popcorn Stash

The Gang (completed)

Raspberry (gifted)

Peaches (gifted)
All Tied Up
With Love
Cuddle Up for the Arrival
Wedding Sampler
April Showers

Popcorn & Blueberry (gifted)
Popcorn & Blueberry

Millennium Sampler
Table Linen Placemat
Table Linen Tablecloth
Chinese Willow Pattern - Jean & Ken Wilson (completed)

Kats by Kelly Collection(Linda Connors & Kathleen Kelly)
Kichen Aide
A Tale of Two Kitties
The Other White Meat
File This (completed)
Washday Blues
Rise 'n Shine
Purrfect Pitch

Shells Place Mats X 2

Sunny Days Angel - Debbie Mumm (given to a mate for a birthday gift)